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The new indie adventure by Golden Orb: It’s funny, it’s eco-friendly and simply the best game in the world – not just a tribute!

Siebenstreich is a new take on the story of “The Brave Little Tailor”. The fairy tale kingdom is falling apart on all ends, its inhabitants are grumpy about their neighbors and the only one who seems to care about it isn’t exactly traditional hero-material. Be excited about a hilarious adventure with an ethical core and a mind-blowingly addictive side-game.

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Siebenstreich is supported by the Film und Medienstiftung NRW

Hi there!

I’m The Valiant Little Tailor. Actually, you seem very nice, so you can just call me Siebenstreich, everyone back home does. 
There’s some biiig news to share: I’ve just signed a contract with the fine ladies over at Golden Orb for a lead role in their next game. 
Can you believe it? I’m really thrilled about this gig!  Over the next couple of weeks, as soon as I’m allowed to share cool stuff from the ongoing production, I will do so, so stay tuned!

Love, Siebenstreich


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Well, not only Cinderella can make a magical transformation. I can do so, too! I’m shifting into a new style. This is what was I am going through here @goldenorbgames. What do you think? I believe I kind of look healthier. Maybe it’s because Trudie and I changed our diet…


Who needs a multitool if you have a production plant?
My best friend Trudie loves chewing on everything she gets her teeth on. Yet she doesn’t like flies at all. She also doesn’t speak that much. But she’s always there, when I need her.


Today, I want you to meet the great, wise and totally handsome defender of the forest, castigator of polluters, chairman of the S.T.H.A.*, and avocational amateur Entertainer:

Bob & Ross

Since today is Ash Wednesday it is now Lent until Easter and traditionally one abstaines from meat. So, how about a delicious carrot stew? I’ve heard the one Ross makes is almost famous! Even though his significant other Bob still needs some persuasion. Both giants of my story are on a good way to being healthy!


It’s quite stormy over here, so I’ve cuddled myself up and am looking through the concept art of my game. I found this old piece of Sheila and me. She has a very important role in my story.
That’s why I want you to meet her today.