Project Description


An Interactive Fairytale

In this interactive picture book hand-drawn illustrations and animations, along with custom composed music by Kerberos , create an enchanted world waiting to be explored. Narrator and characters come to life with vivid voices given to them by Sky du MontLisa Pitt and Geoffrey Steinherz . As the entire story is read by these professional voice actors, even children, who have not learned to read yet, can enjoy it.

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For boys and girls!

During the development of this fairytale app we have considered ideas and feedback of children from a diverse age range. It soon became evident, that our interactive fairytale is greatly enjoyed by boys and girls alike and fascinates children from a pre-school age up to elementary school age. The usability of the app is easy to understand and tailored to the interaction abilities of children. After the initial download and installation, this interactive picture book can even be enjoyed offline – no internet connection required.

Decide your own destiny!

In this interactive picture book, we tell the popular Cinderella fairytale a bit differently while keeping the charm of the traditional story alive. Our main character is more self-reliant than in the versions told by Grimm or Perrault. Also, she does not visit the royal ball with the purpose of getting married to the prince, but rather to experience an entertaining diversion from her strenuous everyday life, which is usually riddled with household chores.

It’s the heart that counts

Because of her appreciative and caring nature, she receives some help along her way to a happier future: As the story progresses, she encounters all kinds of helpful side characters – among them the castle’s watchdog, who curiously has not been mentioned in any version of the story so far but without whom the night at the royal ball undoubtedly would have turned out quite differently.

We take great care to create a safe and fully child-suitable environment with our interactive fairytale, so that our young audience can experience the wonders of the digital world hassle-free. For this reason it contains no ads and no in-app purchase options. Instead, we offer our interactive fairytale at fixed sales price – pay once, enjoy as long as you like and as often as you like.

Tommination 2018

“Cinderella – an interactive fairy tale” was nominated for the children’s software award “Tommi”!
An expert jury consisting of educators, journalists and representatives of child-welfare has nominated “Cinderella – An Interactive Fairytale” for the children’s software award “Tommi”!

About Tommi:

  • The TOMMI makes good apps, computer and console games as well as electronic toys known to a larger audience and provides parents with an overview of the game jungle.
  • The TOMMI deals positively with the topic of computer and console games.
  • The TOMMI involves around 3,600 children in the jury’s work, thus educating them to deal critically with computer and console games and sustainably promoting media competence.
  • The TOMMI presents high-quality games and protects against game content that is not suitable for children.
  • TOMMI helps parents to promote and accompany their children in the media age.
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Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2018

Cinderella helped us to win the Ubisoft BlueByte Newcomer Award for founders of the “Deutscher Entwicklerpreis” 2018, which we are very happy about, as this valuable award gives us access to the accelerator program of the Spielfabrique as well as a free exhibitor place at the Indie Arena Booth at gamescom 2019.
We are very grateful for this great opportunity and look forward to the upcoming year 2019!

(Photo source: Mediengründerzentrum.NRW)
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