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SONJA HAWRANKEGame Design & Programming
Since I was old enough to hold and correctly use a pen I have been writing stories as well as scripts for short films. By founding Golden Orb I can finally use the programming skills gained in professional game development to bring these stories to life in a digital world.

Nice to meet you,

we are Golden Orb, an independent development studio focusing on creating interactive fairytales for digital devices. Our self-written reinterpretations of traditional narrations challenge stereotypical gender roles as well as common, unattainable beauty concepts.

With detailed, hand-drawn illustrations, professional voice actors and explorable interactive content we create an immersive world for our stories. We value high quality craftsmanship and fully child suitable content.

2-person game development works?

Indeed, if  you have perfectly complementary expertise and have worked together in game development for several years before the company was founded.

Katharina creates the beautiful illustrations for our games and brings them to life through animation. Sonja writes the stories and takes care of the programming and sound design. We share the task of game design, so that we both really work on the same vision and the individual parts we create can be seamlessly combined into a big whole.

KATHARINA KÜHNIllustration & Animation
Illustrating children’s books has been a long time passion of mine. By founding Golden Orb I can finally merge the professional skills I have gained in digital game development with this passion. Creating explorable, digital worlds and bringing them to life makes me exceedingly happy.
Golden Orb mit Tablet

Why on earth do we wear dirndls?

The Dirndls were a spontaneous idea to attract attention at our first exhibition at a game conference between all the team t-shirts. On the one hand, the idea behind this concrete clothing was the traditional background: we wanted to build a bridge between German cultural heritage and the modern environment of the games industry. On the other hand, this clichéd representation of a “German” traditional garment can be taken with a sense of humor, especially as we don’t even come from Bavaria. Since we want to inspire reflection with all our contents and our way of presentation, we hope that a typical generalization will be recognized.

Wearing the Dirndls is also exciting for other reasons. Of course we chose them to get attention – and that’s exactly what we achieve. But sometimes people think we are hostesses and a lot of them are surprised that we’re actually the developers of the game we’re exhibiting. In rare cases we even may be reduced to our rack. It’s incredibly exciting how different people react to our costumes and how they judge us.

~ Katharina
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