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Project Description

Die Tür ins Leere

As part of the “Berliner Märchentage”, Golden Orb developed an interactive fairytale together with class 4b of the Stechlinsee-Grundschule. The children created the story and then the game design was written, the illustrations and the sounds were made and recorded. We are totally excited about the results!

Game design with children

The theme, of course, was “fairy tales”. We first discussed with the children what is important in a fairy tale and whether they themselves know and love some. After a fun brainstorming session, the children quickly decided who/what the main characters, scenes and props should be. Pictures were painted, characters were made from different perspectives, palmtrees and doors were cut out, the “seal dance” was performed and hilarious noises were made. Squeaky doors, oinking pigs and threatening footsteps were rehearsed and recorded several times.

The development goes on

We are currently working on assembling, animating and programming the fairy tale. Since we do this on the side, the development takes a while. But we’ll document here what’s going on in the game and the development.

Cinderella play test

We are especially happy about the great response to our Cinderella game. The interactive fairy tale developed by us was enthusiastically accepted and played several times. So the children could experience for themselves how their own game will look and feel like in the end.