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Hi, nice to meet you. We are Katharina and Sonja. In the spring of 2018 we founded this small, creative game studio with the magical name Golden Orb.

If it were possible to full-heartedly write “made of happy bits and pixels” or “contains purely organic magic” on the box of a game, we would be such a studio. As, for now, we offer our games only digitally, already the bit about printing something on the box is rather challenging.

We take traditional lore and use it to develop entertaining, story-based games for fairytale fans of all ages. By rewriting the stories, we do not only alter outdated views and offer a new perspective on an old tale but also incorporate current days issues. In doing so, we would like to provoke thought in a humorous way – all wrapped nicely into a game that is a lot of fun to play.

A Heart for Indie Games

We love developing games and are very passionate about our craft. That’s why we design each of our games from scratch as an original title and polish all content in detail until we are absolutely happy with the end result.

Sign up here for our newsletter and get informed when there is something really important to be announced. For example a new game! Currently we are working hard on “Siebenstreich”. Of course you can also find us in the social media jungle, where we post updates more frequently.

With each of our games we strive to offer something new. Producing in bulk by copy & paste simply isn‘t our style. Just like business models in which features have to be designed according to economic efficiency aren‘t. When writing our designs we focus on criteria such as fun factor and playability. We feel that this approach works very well.

This is what many of our supporters think, too and we would like to list them here and thank them sincerely for their trust and help!

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In our play we reveal what kind of people we are – Ovid

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