Voucher for media time

Every good game needs rules.

The range of entertainment media for children is large. And it is incredibly tempting to get lost in it. We consider a responsible approach to media consumption to be immensely important, especially for children. Therefore, we would like to support parents in making meaningful agreements with their children and training their sense of time. For example with our vouchers for media time. These can be a nice tool to measure time with a value.

How does it work?

The parents enter the value of time a voucher should have and the medium to which it applies. The child can then earn it – for example, by tidying up his or her room, walking the dog, painting pictures for grandma… every family will surely think of something here. The child can then exchange one or more vouchers for time with television, console, tablet etc. again. It must therefore consider when and for what it redeems the valuable vouchers. Once they are used up, they have to be earned again. Basically an approach similar to pocket money, with which a sense for money and its limited availability is trained. Only designed for getting a sense of time and with cool coloring pictures 🙂

Link to PDF: MedienzeitGutschein2018.pdf