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What we stand for

Liebevolle Gestaltung

Lovely Artwork

Our digital games are developed at a high level of craftsmanship with great attention to detail. Our own creations bring an enchanted atmosphere within the interactive fairy tales to life, allowing children to immerse themselves in an imaginative, dreamy world where they can go on a journey of discovery on their own.

Open-minded Perspective

We greatly value humanity and a world view that is supported by love and kindness. This mind set guides us in our work. We would like to contribute to making the world a better place.

Tolerante Weltsicht
Selbewusstsein fördern Golden Orb

Love for the Individual

It is important to us that we create products that are educational, motivating and inspiring. We believe that playful learning leads to greater success and that knowledge is better absorbed when it is fun to learn.

Bilinguale Kinderapps


How can you learn better than in a playful way? We love to create multilingual products so that as many people as possible can enjoy them and expand their vocabulary in foreign languages.