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This makes your fairytale apps special

Liebevolle Gestaltung

Lovely Artwork

We develop our picture book apps with a high level of craftmanship and great attention to detail. Thus we create an enchanted atmosphere within the fairytale app, inviting children to immerse themselves in its fantastic, dream-like world, which they can explore with or without adult assistance.

Open-minded Perspective

A view of the world that is based on love and respect is very important to us. We incorporate little adjustments in our versions of traditional stories and fairytales to gently free them of antiquated gender models and stereotypical, racist content without sacrificing the magic of the story itself.

Tolerante Weltsicht
Selbewusstsein fördern Golden Orb

Boost Self-Confidence

It is our firm conviction that the visualization of good and evil should not be made equal to portraying beauty or unsightliness. When designing the characters of our stories we sometimes intentionally break the popular, stereotypical representation used for similar roles or personalities. Likewise, we want to provide virtual role models who teach children that there is nothing wrong with being different, thus opposing the unrealistic, overly exaggerated concept of beauty commonly displayed in all kinds of media.

Bilinguale Kinderapps


All dialog and story parts of our picture book apps are read to the user. Thus, even children who have not acquired any reading skills yet are able to use them. Every fairytale app is bilingual, it contains an English as well as a German audio edition. The language can easily be chosen within the app and can be switched back and forth without any hassle. No additional download required.

Werbefrei und transparent Golden Orb

Ad-Free and Trustworthy

Our fairytale picture book apps are sold at a fixed price – no in-app-purchases, no ads, no hidden costs. This way parents have full control over how much money is spent on the app. Also, there are no nasty suprises in terms of content their child is confronted with while playing. Furthermore our picture book apps are played offline. After downloading the application once there is no active internet connection necessary.

Ein Herz für Kinder Golden Orb

A Passion For Children

Not only would we like to boost our players’ self-confidence and broaden their view of the world but we also care about children in need of support. There are many great non-profit organizations out there committed to providing excellent help for all kinds of child-related emergencies. We would like to help them help children by donating a fixed share of our profit.