Berlin here we go – QUO VADIS 2018

Having applied for the Indie Game Expo of the

Quo Vadis 2018

developer conference in Berlin, Golden Orb has now obtained a slot!

Golden Orb Indie Game Expo Quo Vadis 2018

As we have proceeded nicely in terms of developement progress over the last few weeks, we are able to use this great opportunity to show our first project in public. “Cinderella – An Interactive Fairytale”, as it is now officially called, has reached the status feature complete. In game developement terms this refers to a state where the project contains its entire set of functionality as well as content and is fully playable from beginning to end.

Now we are entering the exiting stage of testing and polishing. For this, we refer to grown up players equipped with a keen sight and experience as well as to our target group of pre-school children to test the user experience and optimize it if needs be. We will also use this time to add additional content to the game and extent as well as polish existing illustrations and animations until everything lives up our high quality standards.

The Indie Game Expo is a good opportunity for gathering direct feedback from a diverse audience. Combined with the results from our play tests it will help us create a fantastic app that we will be truly proud of by the time we deliver it to the stores.

As part of our application we handed in a gameplay video and were among the 60 games that were chosen for the Indie Expo.

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